Adult Class Registration Info

  • You must be 18 years or older to enroll in adult classes or have a parent’s written permission.
  • Full payment must be received for the registration to be completed.
  • To reserve a seat, call MakeSpace ARTS, (310) 998-4618 or email:
  • Your seat will be held for 3 business days from the date you make your reservation.
  • Full payment is required within the 3 day period, or you will lose your reservation and the next applicant will gain the seat.
  • Fill out the following Registration Form and mail it, or bring it to MakeSpace ARTS with full payment. You may call MakeSpace M-Th 11:00 AM- 4:00PM to make a payment over the phone.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks or money orders made out to MakeSpace ARTS.
  • An email will be sent to you after we process your payment to confirm your enrollment in the course.
  • Registration deadline for Summer Session, 2013 is Friday June 21st. 4:00 PM.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

We will make every effort to notify registered students by phone of changes/cancellations. MakeSpace ARTS reserves the right to discontinue, postpone, combine classes and/or change instructors. Students will automatically be given a full refund for classes, which are cancelled by the MakeSpace ARTS, unless the student requests a transfer of enrollment fees to another class.

If YOU need to cancel your registration in any art class, in order to receive a refund you must notify the office by telephone, in writing, or in person at least THREE (3) working days prior to the first class meeting. There are no refunds after classes begin. If a student chooses to withdraw after the first class, a prorated credit can be requested. No credits will be issued after the second class in sequential classes.

MakeSpace ARTS reserves the right to dismiss students without a refund if they become disruptive to other students or staff. MakeSpace ARTS reserves to right to refuse enrollment for any reason.


  • MakeSpace ARTS does not offer make-up classes. We will not refund missed classes. Students cannot pay for single classes in the 10 week series. Students should plan on attending all classes.

Materials Policy

  • MakeSpace ARTS classes may require an additional materials fee or a firing fee for items that need to be put in a kiln. Students will be notified about such fees prior to enrollment.

Kids Code of Conduct

  1. Listen carefully to the instructors
  2. Respect others
  3. Respect the studio, materials, and tools
  4. Refrain from running, shouting, and climbing on furniture
  5. No eating or chewing gum allowed in the studio
  6. Clean up after yourself
  7. Have fun!

Adult/Parent Code of Conduct

  1. Please refrain from using your cell phone in the studio
  2. Please do not come to MakeSpace ARTS if you or your child are sick
  3. Please use the changing table provided in the ladies room to change your child's diapers
  4. No peanuts or peanut products are allowed in MakeSpace ARTS
  5. Please do not leave your children or property unattended
  6. Please help your child with the project if they are under 5 or need extra help
  7. Please do not park in the neighbors spots, there is street parking on Daisy and Foothill
  8. Please help your child clean up his or her area, or yours if you are a student

About Punch Cards

Punch cards are issued when you bundle classes in 5 or ten class increments. We will keep a file track your remaining classes, however, the card holder is responsible for presenting the card at each class. Lost or stolen cards can not be replaced. Make sure your name is written on your card. Refunds are not available for unused classes on your punch card. Card holders should check classes schedules and projects online as they change seasonally. Siblings or friends may share a punch card.

New Policy For Kid's Classes

Please note, classes are one hour only. If you would like to stay longer that the allotted period, additional studio time, not including material is $8.00 per half hour. Additional materials and an hour of studio time is equal to another punch on the card holder's card, or $16.00 per person.

If you have any questions please contact the office at

Emergency Policy

In the event of an emergency or other situation requiring first aid or medical treatment for your child, we will make every effort to contact you or any other person you designate to make health care decisions. In the event we are unable to contact you, or if emergency circumstances require, we require the following Medical Care Authorization to be in effect and on file at all times that your child is participating in our program.

Please download and fill out the emergency release form if you child is going to attend MakeSpace ARTS Programs without a parent present.

Please contact us with any questions.

(310) 998-4618
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